What is Achei o Lar?

  • Achei o Lar is a Real Estate Business Broker and Professionals linked with a valid AMI* license are our partners in real estate solutions. Our mission is to serve you in the best possible way, so, know how our business model can find your home, without having to search.

  • We want to know: what are your needs?

    Identify the characteristics of your dream home. Mark the type, District, County | City of your preference and how much you are willing to invest in your dream.

  • Now, what are your wishes?

    Indicate the parishes | neighborhoods of preference and the typology of preference. In order for Achei o Lar to be more assertive in its offers, identify what you prefer most: parking spaces, the purpose of the acquisition, number of bathrooms, furniture, area of ​​the property and whether there is a need for real estate credit.

  • Relax and enjoy your time.

    After submitting your real estate request, Achei o Lar will analyze and, with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, will offer you the best opportunities in the market, always respecting your needs and preferences.

  • Attention to your email and WhatsApp.

    Check your email (also check the SPAM box) and your WhatsApp, because that could be the property of your dreams. Access the link, enter the Password (sent at the time of the request), check the options and evaluate the best business opportunity.

  • You will receive the best real estate options.

    You can indicate "I THINK!" or "I didn't find it!" in the options sent. If you don't like any options, you can request more options to help you choose your home.

  • I FOUND! And now?

    Accept the offers and identify the best communication option and the preferred time. The Real Estate Professional will contact you to start negotiations. Congratulations! Your dream will come true!

    Achei o Lar - Find your home without looking.

* AMI License - Real Estate Mediation Authorization - The exercise of real estate mediation activity by an individual or collective provider established in national territory, without prejudice to the provisions of article 21 of Law no. 15/2013, of February 8, depends license to be granted by IMPIC, I.P..

Are you a Real Estate Professional?

Real estate agents, mediators, solicitors, real estate agents and consultants can be part of our professional contact network and have access to a customer base with an interest in the acquisition of properties (qualified leads). Make your dreams come true and close deals with this successful partnership.

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