Learn about the benefits of participating in our broker community through the platform I The Home.

  • Real estate professionals

    We let you know all the advantages of participating in our community of Real Estate Professionals through the Achei o Lar platform.

  • Qualified user = Real interest

    Users who are identifying the characteristics of the properties they are looking for are really interested in purchasing a new home. Previously qualified requisitions give you the ability to set a specific target within your business options.

  • We encourage agility in the response

    Always keep your properties registered and updated on the platform, as this will help you in the offer. Follow the updates on the platform in real time and always be available to check and offer the best opportunities to users.

  • Daily Qualified Leads

    Achei o Lar will always be investing in digital marketing to reach more and more users interested in purchasing real estate. Our efforts will always be to qualify them and make them available on our platform, so that you can work and be successful.

  • Be correct and assertive

    Offer your best offers according to users' needs and desires. Our Customer Success service will assist real estate professionals with information to better use our tools for success.