Real estate professionals

  • Discover all the advantages of participating in our community of Real Estate Professionals through partnerships with Achei o Lar.

  • Qualified user = Real interest

    Users who identify the characteristics of the properties are really interested in purchasing a new home. Prequalified requests give you the possibility to reach a specific target within your business options.

  • We encourage availability and agility in response

    Always keep your properties registered and updated on your CRM, portals and real estate websites. Always be available so that Achei o Lar can contact you and connect you with the best opportunities.

  • Daily Qualified Leads

    Achei o Lar will always be investing in digital marketing to reach more and more users interested in purchasing real estate. Our efforts will always be to qualify you so that you can later work on the Lead and obtain a higher rate of success.

  • Be correct and assertive

    After the choices of the users, the chance of success in the negotiation is high. Use the best and most improved sales techniques, accompany the customer throughout the journey, be a correct professional and demonstrate transparency in all stages of the process.

  • Real estate agents, mediators, solicitors, real estate agents and consultants, be another partner of Achei o Lar.

    When the user shows interest in your properties, Achei o Lar will contact you and, after acknowledging the Service Agreement (sent by email), the qualified Lead will be made available to the Professional responsible for the linked AMI.